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As we face the daunting prospect of potentially the largest business downturn in history, never has it been more imperative to ensure financial and commercial discipline, and maintain vigilance in all areas of our business.

Historically, the Sales function receives most focus at this time with efforts made to land those extra contracts albeit at an ever squeezed margin. Little time is spent analysing the Procurement side of the business, which is where Profit Through Change Ltd have focussed their business model and seen significant growth.

Offering its services on a "No Save No Fee" basis, the company investigates the procurement function within your organisation looking at potential operational, commercial and strategic saving opportunities; these may include strategic reviews, supplier consolidation or an assessment of the prevailing commercial terms.

Paul Jackson (MD) explains: "Our clients recognise the important of the need to spend wisely in the current business climate. We help ensure that every penny they spend with their suppliers adds value to their bottom line - it's a buyer's market so we should be exploiting this to the best of our ability. Our "WHO-WHAT-WHERE ANALYSIS" helps the organisation identify and implement key saving opportunities without impacting on their customers, their quality or their service offering. Typically, a review which may take between 2-3 days reveals savings of around 20-30% of purchase budget, with around 5% of this figure having no visible impact on staff, service or systems. The investigation is carried out under the cover of a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" to ensure clients are protected, and no changes are implemented without due consultation."

As can be seen in the example below, a sales ticket is made up of a number of components, but usually includes an element of general purchases, staff costs, overheads and profit. With a focus on the purchase costs, a 12% saving in purchase costs could double the profit margin on the sale.

In conclusion, a section of economic thinking - including the Chancellor Alistair Darling - suggests that this downturn may last for over 10 years. It's time to batten down the hatches and review our business cost structures now. The Profit Through Change service and its "No Save-No Fee" commitment makes this a must for any forward thinking company.

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