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Profit Through Change is registered acts as a Principal within a large consultant community organisation, and has also, over the years, identified a number of companies that offer good quality products, value for money, or an exceptional service thereby enabling it to quickly and easily identify companies that can meet your needs.

Convinced by the worth of these companies, Profit Through Change has negotiated access to a set of preferential terms for you its clients. To take advantage of these offerings, please select from the following product or service offerings and supply quote, contract or product requirements to enable the supplier to prepare a quotation:

IT & Web Services

Web hosting
Website design
Web marketing
Remote IT support services
IT services

Consultancy Services

Cost Management consultancy
Electrical or mechanical consultancy
Datacentre consultancy
Structural consultancy
QS services
Property matters
Personnel & HR consultancy
Training providers
Health & Safety training
Environmental consultancy
Power analysis
ISO9000 implementation


Office Services

Office refurbishment
Security services
Second hand furniture
Cleaning services
Office relocations
Health & Safety systems
Stationery supply
Office equipment supply

Telecom Services

Voice minutes
IP products
Dark fibre connections
Colocation services
Voice over IP (VOIP)


Installation Services

Security system Installers
Data network Installers
Data network Installers
Electrical contractors
Office refurbishment
Commercial building contractors
Datacentre installations
Gas suppression systems
Heating and ventilation (HVAC)

Other Services

Logistics companies
Legal services
Printing and brochure solutions
ISO9000 specialists
Environmental disposals
Commercial electrical products
Electricity supply
Steel suppliers

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