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Environmental Activities

The impact of your business on the environment will become an ever more important aspect for you to identify with. You now have a legal duty of care to the environment, and each and every business in the UK needs to ensure that they have reviewed and clarified their own position - Profit Through Change can help with this process.

Waste Management

Like every business in the UK produces rubbish, and the company has a duty of care to ensure that this is dealt with properly and within the law.

Responsibility for the disposal of your waste does not end when your chosen contractor removes the waste from your building, and issues you with a waste transfer note. As the waste producer, you have a responsibility to make reasonable and periodic checks that the waste is being disposed of in a satisfactory manner. If your contractor fly-tips your waste YOU are still liable and responsible - even selection of an approved Environment Agency waste contractor does not absolve you from this responsibility.

To limit your liability therefore, Profit Through Change will make the periodic checks on your contractor and make sure that your waste is being disposed of appropriately. We will then produce a compliance certificate the process thereby mitigating you in the event of an incident. Fines can be huge for companies breaching their responsibilities, especially in the event that the waste is hazardous.

Furthermore, with hazardous and recyclable waste, YOU have a duty of care to ensure that this is separated and dealt with properly. Guidance can be found relatively easily on the Internet, or via the environment agency website. Profit Through Change can however assist with this process if required and offers services to enable old equipment, for example computers, VDU's, etc to be recycled.


The best form of recycling is to find somebody else who wants to use your old "something", without the need to change or reprocess it. Profit Through Change has, over the years, identified a number of ways to dispose of surplus items that are no longer required in a manner that can sometimes recover the company some of its original outlay. Profit Through Change has a number of partners - see partners page - who can help you undertake this process.

Efficiency Improvements

The easiest way reduce emissions or help the environment, is to improve your power usage or efficiency.

A number of ideas are contained in our Free Ideas section of this website, however there are always many more that can usually be identified, and this forms part of our research as part of the Commercial Review.

A large proportion of business related change centres around process and people. Understanding the issues is critical to success or failure, however Profit Through Change can offer support and assistance with the following:

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