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Change Implementation

Change is a word that is feared throughout the business world, and is usually thought to mean turmoil, heartache, and stress - The secret to success is effective planning.

Based on Prince2™ approach to project management, Profit Through Change offers a stand-alone change management service allowing you to implement ad hoc changes to your organisation without the stress. Profit Through Change will manage and run the project, keeping you updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in respect of progress and budget.

The primary areas of expertise are:

1. Business restructuring
i. Merger/takeover consolidation
ii. Business rationalisation
iii. Corporate restructuring

2. Property, office and warehouse changes
i. Office refurbishments
ii. Office/site clearances
iii. Corporate moves
iv. Lease terminations
v. Dilapidation works
vi. Rent reviews
vii. Service charge negotiations
viii. Warehouse reorganisations

3. Project Management
i. Project set-up
ii. Purchasing and commercial management
iii. Contractor selection and management
iv. Time and Budget management
v. Project closure, audits, evaluation & feedback

4. Datacentre, IT and telecom changes
i. Location of new datacentre facilities
ii. Colocation and hosting services
iii. Fibre provision - either dark or lit
iv. Telephone system changes

5. The Environment and Energy Conservancy
i. Environmental Activities
ii. Efficiency Improvements
iii. Recycling
iv. Waste management
v. Green thinking
vi. Environmental best practice
vii. Power reduction
viii. Omissions trading
ix. Charitable donations

6. ISO Systems and Auditing
i. ISO9000/ISO15000 Accreditation and Management
ii. Lead, Internal, 2nd Party and 3rd Party Auditing Services

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